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The Iceland top attraction for tourists are the natural phenomenas lieka waterfalls, geysers, volcanos, lava, glacier rivers and lagoons, geothermal activite and the dramatic landsacpe. The inland of Iceland is uninhabited and many of the roads over the highlands are driveable by 4WD cehicles and most only in mid-summer. With no hotels, guesthouses, bed and breakfast or shops, travellers must be self-sufficient. Brief history of iceland - Iceland Vacation.
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Info Iceland is your on-line travel guide to Iceland. Beside the obvious, that is clean nature and unpolluted water and air, hospitality of Icelandic people and high security environmenton an island in the middle of the artic sea.
Book your car online before you travel to Iceland and get it delivered to your hotel, Keflavik International Airport, Reykjavik Airport or your guesthouse
We deliver the vehicle to your hotel, guesthouse or ship, In the greater-Reykjavik area, free of charge and you can also return the car at your hotel - free of charge.
The Iceland Export Directory on-line an travel information center for foreign tourists. It provides travel information about the country, the population and the original icelandic culture.
Iceland travel and business information
The low budget airline, Iceland finally got affordable
The Iceland Trade Council
Statistics about Icelandic tourism, presented in graphic form.
Find your pension in Iceland. Accommodation options to choose from.


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